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SkyWind NG 1 000 Watt Wind Turbine Set

$3,000.00 $2,700.00
SkyWind NG includes: a)       Patented Aluminum Rotor, 2x -anti-reflective coating, -RAL 7037 b)      All Metal Nacelle -generator mount and rotor mounts -RAL 7016 c)       Grid Inverter With On-Board Computer -1000W, 230V & 110V AC -wall-mount and plugs -dumpload and connection cables -full color display e)       Automatic Storm Control System -high energy relay -wind sensor -automatic control unit Provision on pallet EX Works at our central storage facility Koblenz, Germany. Or shipment to any location in the world. Request detailed information for details on pricing, packaging and shipment.